Friday, September 30, 2011

Romania pe locul 37 in topul competitivitatii IT.

Romania se află pe poziția 37 in topul "The IT Industry Competitiveness Index" pe 2011, realizat de către cei de la Business Software Alliance. În mod incredibil ne aflăm chiar în fața Chinei și a Braziliei, nu imi este insă clar dacă trebuie să ne aplecam...China domină lumea în timp ce Brazilia galopează puternic din spate. Noi însă....stăm la plajă pe bloc cu stick-ul de net înfipt in laptop-ul alimentat din aceeasi priză în care în mod normal stă conectat noul gratar ElectroEco ® folosit la prăjirea în spume a noilor Bio-Mici ® Cine aduce berea?
Sa revenim totuși. In fața noastră sunt țari precum Malaysia, Chile și Ungaria, însă deja suntem obișnuiți să ne uităm la ceafa lor de ceva timp, nimic nou. Probabil o să ne mai uităm mult timp de acum încolo, așa că vă sugerez să ne aruncam privirea către fund. Estetic poate fi o priveliste mai plăcută (daca avem noroc precum în fotbal).
Pozitiile fruntașe ale topului sunt ocupate de catre Statele Unite... vai ce surpriză, Finlanda și Singapore
Cum ne simțim pe locul 37?


Thursday, September 29, 2011

How much money Microsoft does from Android?

Android cow will moooooo almost 444 millions dollars in 2012, says the tech team from Goldman Sachs.
They also presume that Microsoft get between 3$ and 6$ for every Android device sold.
You know the patent license thing...
Of course this is only from HTC and Samsung, if more hardware manufacturers gets license from Microsoft ( like Motorola) this numbers will go up. Looks like Android throw more bucks in Microsoft wallet then Windows Mobile does. 
It must be frustrating don't you think? 
And if the bank transfers looks old for MIcrosoft they can ask manufacturers like Samsung or HTC to pay them using NFC devices and Google's Wallet. :)


Ice Cream Sandwich Melting on Nexus Prime on 11 October

11 October!
Is this the date when Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime will be lauched?
I hope so!

The guys at received this invitation to the CTIA event in San Diego, where Samsung and Google will host a "Google Episode"...

As you can see on the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 invitation, we will be able to watch the Ice Cream Sandwich melting on Nexus Prime's surface (hoping) on

Samsung's new processor Exynos 4212 is here

Samsung introduced his new dual-core processor SoC for mobile devices, the Exynos 4212.
This Samsung baby will boost not only the clock speed to 1.5Ghz from 1.2Ghz (Exynos 4210) but also the 3d capabilities up to 50%.
Using 32nm process technology the new processor is capable to reduce the power consumption up to
30% vs the previous Samsung baby, Exynos 4210 the brain of Galaxy S II phones.
Since this new SoC processor comes out next year, Exynos 4212 probably won't be inside Nexus Prime... sadly.
I would like the see Nexus Prime smashing Galaxy S II. But somehow I feel that this will not happen. Latest Google Nexus phone, the Nexus S was a middle class phone rather then a last technology class device. Even if it was the only phone around with NFC.

Image source:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire 199 USD!!!

The new amazon kindle fire will costs only 199 USD! (non 3g) But will Fire burn the iPad and become a killer? The Fire 7 inch mini-monster is in the wild!

Update: they also trow in an Amazon Kindle Touch for 99 USD and a 3g version for 149 UDS
Update: the Fire has a dual-core processor


Ups Microsoft hit the Android cow... again! Muuu

Ups they did it again! Yes Microsoft just hit another jackpot. They just announced that thy sign a cross patent-deal with Samsung. Whats clear from this deal?
Samsung for sure will make windows phones...and tablets
And of course they will pay Microsoft a fee for every Android Phone that Samsung sells. This is how you "innovate" this days. Innovation means finding better IP lawyers.
You got to love this patent system.

Some extras:

"REDMOND, Wash — Sept. 28, 2011 — Microsoft announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., to cross-license the patent portfolios of both companies, providing broad coverage for each company’s products. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will receive royalties for Samsung’s mobile phones and tablets running the Android mobile platform. In addition, the companies agreed to cooperate in the development and marketing of Windows Phone."

You can find the rest here :

Blogger's new dynamic views breaks article grabbing when posting in google+

Google just notify the grid about his new blogger dynamic views... but they forgot to fix their google+ fetch article content so when you share an article on google+ with copy paste you get :

"Dynamic Views in Blogger require the use of a modern browser, and are not currently supported on mobile devices. You can visit a non-dynamic version of this blog, continue unsupported, o..."
Now this is not nice google fix your "mobile device" used to grab code from my blog pls.

Firefox's 7 Edition is here

Mozilla just released his version 7 of the popular browser Firefox.
Whats new? Let's see...
Cosmetics like "The ‘http://’ URL prefix is now hidden by default"
Speed improvements. Canvas are geting faster and faster so games made in html5 will feel better (more fps). Now probably Angry Birds will trow....birds faster or faster birds? :)

Here is the list:
  • Drastically improved memory handling for certain use cases
  • Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems
  • Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync
  • The 'http://' URL prefix is now hidden by default
  • Added support for text-overflow: ellipsis
  • Added support for the Web Timing specification
  • Enhanced support for MathML
  • The WebSocket protocol has been updated from version 7 to version 8
  • Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox
  • Fixed several stability issues
  • Fixed several security issues
Of course you can download Firefox from here:
Have fun browsing!

The road from MeeGo to Tizen

Remember MeeGo ?
The OS made by Nokia and Intel based on linux?
The OS that comes with Nokia' flagship phone?
Well if you don't know it there is no problem as is dead. Nokia decide to use Windows on their smartphones rather the MeeGo. Only 3 phones have this OS the N900, N950(developer only phone) and the N9. Not an impressive history...
Hey wait a second! Doesn't have Intel ( the other half of MeeGo) something to say about this?
Well Intel, the undisputed champion of CPUs decide to go on with the idea of an open source operating system based on linux. So they build a new team but this time with one of the top mobile hardware manufacturer, Samsung.
The new project is called Tizen and will be hosted by Linux Foundation.
"Tizen will support multiple device categories, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks, and in-vehicle infotainment devices." I wonder if Steve Kondik aka Cyanogen will work in the team since it works for Samsung

This project can be an alternative to Android OS (i hope so for competition sake)
It looks like Tizen application programing interface will be based on the html5, but will give the developers a sdk so they can build native apps. This sounds good in theory but let's see if they can actually make from this OS, a robust platform that can convince the majority of users (manufacturers). I'm pretty sure that at least hackers are happy because since it is a linux based OS and you can develop apps in native code can become a mobile security pen-testing platform :).
As i was saying, for competition sake and because I love to have alternatives I wish them good luck
(even if in this business field you actually build your own "luck" if you got balls)

You can check the project's site right here:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nexus S 2.3.6 Update just posted an article about the new 2.3.6 build GRK39C Nexus S update. 
You can read more about how to download and install it by reading their article right here:

Have a nice update process :)

If this is the real Xoom 2 tablet... then it looks ugly

Looks like pictures of the new Motorola Xoom 2 tablet are appearing in the grid. First time I saw the images I told myself : Motorola needs to hire more designers. 
This new concept is a step down. Looking at this new design i feel like in a travel back in time...10 years ago.
Take a look at this pictures posted on



What's up with these corners. Why not round them more enjoyable. Motorola's somewhat afraid of a possible iPad design patent infringement lawsuit filed by Apple? 

Xoom 2's corners look like someone took a picture of nice rounded device, in Photoshop, and used (Free Transform) Ctrl+T or Command+T on Macs to pull the image's sides, making it look wider. This way the xoom's corners gets...broken
Let's look at the back cover.  The camera's ornament looks like it's glued there in lack of ideas. It's like ornament was taken from a different design. The first iteration of Xoom tablet was better. The rear was designed by the same guy who designed the front...
People look first at the LOOK of a device,then under the hood. Most of the buyers are NOT geeks. They want products that look good that fulfill their needs. Devices that look awesome, incredible, magical products which also have... mail, games, fart apps and... porn.
In case you forgot how the first xoom tablet looks like, take a look at this pictures. Don't you think xoom 1 looks better? 


Monday, September 26, 2011

iPad orders cut down by 25%

Apple cuts down his iPad supplies parts orders with 25%. However it's expected that Apple will still deliver 10.9 million to 12 million units this year, after these cuts.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Microsoft answer to Secure Boot lock issue

Image source: MSDN
Microsoft has posted on the msdn blog, his position regarding the Secure Boot/Dual-boot Linux issue.
After some lines of text where they explain the fact that Secure Boot is a UEFI feature and not a Windows 8 component (nothing new) Microsoft says that:

"For Windows customers, Microsoft is using the Windows Certification program to ensure that systems shipping with Windows 8 have secure boot enabled by default, that firmware not allow programmatic control of secure boot (to prevent malware from disabling security policies in firmware), and that OEMs prevent unauthorized attempts at updating firmware that could compromise system integrity."

So they will probably do everything they can to ensure that Certified Windows 8 PCs will have Secure Boot ON.

"Most of these policies are not new to UEFI firmware, and most PCs today carry some form of firmware validation. Even the existing legacy support, such as BIOS password, is a form of secure boot that has been under OEM and end-user control for years. However, with secure boot & UEFI, the industry and Microsoft are raising the bar to create greater system integrity and health, and to provide customers with a strong level of protection against a growing class of threat."

Wondering how a BIOS password (which prevents the intruders from tampering with BIOS settings) can be a form of SECURE BOOT since you can alter the boot from the OS himself?

"Secure boot doesn’t “lock out” operating system loaders, but is is a policy that allows firmware to validate authenticity of components"

Let's try to understand this..
You can install a different bootloader that can boot 2 or more operating systems but if the firmware can't validate it... it won't work so it's pointless

OEMs have the ability to customize their firmware to meet the needs of their customers by customizing the level of certificate and policy management on their platform.
Microsoft does not mandate or control the settings on PC firmware that control or enable secured boot from any operating system other than Windows."

"Microsoft supports OEMs having the flexibility to decide who manages security certificates and how to allow customers to import and manage those certificates, and manage secure boot. We believe it is important to support this flexibility to the OEMs and to allow our customers to decide how they want to manage their systems."

"The security that UEFI has to offer with secure boot means that most customers will have their systems protected against boot loader attacks. For the enthusiast who wants to run older operating systems, the option is there to allow you to make that decision."

One phrase leads to another and in the end looks like this: 
You can still boot windows 8 if you have the Secured Boot turned off  BUT if the OEMS do not provide
the switch in the UEFI, and Secured Boot is set to ON by default... well it sucks because even if you install a different bootloader that it's not signed/validated... it won't work. 


Google's Chrome counter attack on BEAST TLS/SSL exploit.

You all know the BEAST TLS/SSL attack that can decrypt ssl trafic at the browser level?
Well looks like Google's Chrome browser will soon have a "fix" for the attack.
Developers already added the fix in the latest developer version of Chrome.
This means that the security fix will arrive on the stable version soon.  


Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIABLO 3 !!!!!!

I spent more then 5h watching a live stream of Diablo 3 Beta game play.
I have to say that beside the fact that I'm not in the beta program... is that I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY IT!

Windows 8 and dual-booting Linux? Where is our freedom?

It appears that Microsoft wants (New Windows 8 requirements) that all the OEM builders who wish to sell Windows 8 certified computers (Windows 8 logo program), to use the new UEFI standard called Secured Boot.
Secure Boot it's a new feature in UEFI that check if every software or driver loaded in the boot process is signed with a certificate authorized by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

And at this point problems arise. It looks like there two ways to sign them:

1. Microsoft can use his private key to sign windows 8 then send the public key to OEM builders. Then OEM builders takes the public key and insert it in

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

iPhone 5 launch date October 4? reports that on 4 October 2011 Apple will hold a media event. 
At this time sources say that during this event the new Apple CEO Tom Cook will launch the new iPhone 5.
I don't know what you hope from the new iPhone but I'm curios about how Tom Cook will host the event. It will be the first iPhone that get's launched without Steve Jobs on the stage.


Adobe 3D Games With Flash Player 11 = 1000 times faster ?

Adobe decided that October is the month when the Flash platform will be upgraded to version 11. First thing about Flash 11 is that that platform will bring 2d/3d hardware acceleration and 64 bit support. The update supposed to bring a performance boost  in the games fields of 1000 times vs previous version Flash 10. With flash 11 Adobe will also launch the Air 3 Runtime. Used together, these 2 products and html5 should make game development on mobile platforms easier for developers. Also Adobe offers developers the ability to insert the the AIR 3 in the application's package. In this way separate installation of the AIR 3 runtime by the user is no longer necessary.
Looks like GAMES is the word used when we talk about promoting of Flash platform. Let's be frank. Games represent the last hope for Adobe Flash on mobile platforms


Android Dolphin Browser HD 6.0.0 Vulnerability!

Dolphin Browser HD 6.0.0 has a vulnerability. A 3rd party app can exploit the URL loading 
process and inject JavaScript code that can intercept the user's browsing experience.
It's recomended to upgrade to latest version 6.1.0 to be "safe".


It looks like Google Voice will come to EUROPE

Jens Redmer, European  Director of Business Development at Google present at European Pirate Summit event in Cologne, Germany said that the company is taking “concrete action” on bringing Voice to Europe. There is no precise launch date but Jens Redmer told that he is currently using Google Voice in Europe (internal tests). It looks like we will be able to call cheaper in Europe in the near future! Currently you can only do this using Gmail's voice call function from within a browser. However you don't have a number like US customers.

Get your $2 credit to spend on Android apps in the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Amazon offering 2 dollars gift in amazon android appstore The only thing that you have to do is to click on one button that will connect your and Twitter accounts. After this you will automatically follow @amazonappstore on Twitter.
After just go in to the android amazon app store select an app and click the "Get now with 1-Click" or or "Buy now with 1-Click" button, then "Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance" to confirm your 2 dollars gift :)
Of course you will need the Amazon Appstore for Android installed on your Android phone or tablet.

Check this out

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tegra processor Project Kal-El got 4 cores... sorry 5 cores!!!

Looks like the new quad core chips named Tegra from Nvidia has 5 cores actually :)

"This extra core – which we call the “companion core” – runs at a lower frequency and operates at exceptionally low power."

It seems that the 5th core is used when you do simple tasks like listening to music. Which of course does not eat a lot of cpu. In the meantime the rest of the cores are shutdown to preserve the battery.
Of course when you need more cpu power the Kal-el shuts down the 5th core and powers up the more powerful 4 cores.
This sounds crazy? Then check this out: the new line of Kal-El Tegra 2 more then 12 cores inside!
I so want an android tablet with a 12 cores !

More infos:


Yesterday i took MIUI 1.9.16 on a riding test and to be honest it was impressive. Not only that the UI - even if mimics the iOS sometimes - is way ahead of android stock version in terms of interaction but it also adds some extra features that even the mighty CyanogenMOD (will use the CM abbreviation further on) does not provide.
But what is MIUI? Well it's a ROM based on Android 2.3 developed in China. And for some reason (I don't know ) it is not open source like his father.
It is developed by the startup named Xiaomi. The CEO is Lin Bin former Vice Director of Google China Academy of Engineering.
You can find more information here:

First thing you notice when you come from the stock android or CM rom is that the desktop does now offer an apps drawer. Instead they use an iOS style desktop with all the apps present on the screen. This can be a pain if you got to many apps. You must create folders for specific apps just to keep a decent number of screens.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The artist inside the man

Where a man sees the ordinary The artist reveals the unimaginable